Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tempah dan pasang pada hari yang sama DCMOTO AUTOGATE

DCMoto GFM-925W Swing/ Folding Type Autogate

DC Moto all new products are going GREEN!

Hybrid Power: Reduces 95% co² emission.
A normal automatic gate consume about 5-10w of electricity during standby 24/7.
The hybrid design consume only 0.2w during standby.
Main power is only switched on for running the motor or charging the battery.
Back up battery for standby used only 0.2w
The system will switch to normal power mode and those function normally in case the back up battery fails.
GFM-925W-HR (Hybrid Power Version)
Electric motor DC 12v
Main power supply AC 230v (Hybrid Model)
Backup battery DV 12v 7ah
Reduction gear with 4 stages planetary type 
Gear ration at 1:2310 
Output torque (Dynamic) 2,000kg-cm
Output torque (Static) 3,240kg-cm
Output speed (at full speed) 1.6r.p.m
Package Content:
DCMOTO GFM925W Swing Type DC Motor x2
DC Controller Board with PVC Box 
Transformer & Backup Battery 
Wireless Multifunctional Keypad x1
Driving Bar, Bracket & Boils 
Antispy Remote Control x3
Standard Installation (without Wiring) 

1) Open Left/ Right/ Both Gate
2) ON/ OFF Pillar Light with Multifunctional Keypad (depend on exiting wiring)
3) Panic Siren (Alarm) function
4) Auto recharge backup Battery
5) Auto reverse function (Open) the door when detect object (Must install Photo Beam Sensor)

Hantar gambar gate dan wiring ke 016.4852213

WARRANTY 5 Tahun ( Panel dan Motor)
WARRANTY 5 Tahun ( Panel dan Motor)
WARRANTY 5 Tahun ( Panel dan Motor)

WAN 016.4669651


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